Oakenheart Treeman Sculpture has arrived

September 23rd, 2008

Oakenheart Treeman Sculpture has arrived

Oakenheart has finally arrived. He is an incredible tree sculpture.
He is on the footpath, Sent here to guard over the secret garden.
Shall see what the neighborhood thinks!

He is about 3.5 metres talls and weights about 2 ton
Sculpture by Clyde Watts and Dean of Samildanach Workshop.


He is out the front on the footpath, watching for visitors and guarding the secret garden, which is in full bloom at the moment.

Below is Clyde Watts he is one of the creators of Oakenheart. Tis a very big sculpture. He was brought up to Beechmont on a crane!

I am so very excited to have Oakenheart guard my Fairy Garden..