mummified fairy

Mummified Dead Fairy Found!

Is this Real or a very clever HOAX!
Time will tell.

Photographs of a mummified fairy:
The discovery appears to be the remains of an ancient mummified fairy discovered by a local man in the Derbyshire countryside in England. The fairy was reportedly found by a dog walker at Firestone Hill near Duffield and pictures of it posted on a website. BBC News April, 2007 (you can search for it)
Being a Fairy Artist for 26 years and having a fascination with Fairies all my life. I am somewhat astounded by this find, we shall see if its real, even if its not its pretty clever.. I personally believe that Fairies are elemental spirits that care for the plants and animals… But I am open to new possibilities!

The 8 inch (20cm) body remains intact with skin, teeth, glowing red hair and it is claimed that it has been examined by anthropologists and forensics experts who claim that the body is real. Xrays reveal an anatomically identical skeleton to that of a child. The bones are apparently hollow like a bird making the mummified body extremely light.

It has a belly button which is strange considering the evidence shows a lack of reproductive organs! The wings seems to be made of leaves that have dried up now and you can see the veins. This doesn’t seem practical for the ability for flight
Stephen Wagner a paranormal expert on says about the wings……..

“The wings look fake. This is not, however, the only reason to doubt them. The main reason to doubt them is that they are logically unable to provide flight. To begin with, they aren’t attached properly. There is no cartilage structure to attach them securely to the body. Furthermore, they contain no visible elements rigid enough to enable them to withstand wind pressure when moving, as would the wings of birds and bats, which are closer to the presumed fairy in size and anatomy than the wings of an eight-inch flying insect. (A monarch butterfly, the largest living flying insect I can think of, is 3-4 inches in size and has a much more compact frame.)
The text on the web page suggests that the fairy was able to camouflage itself, which implies that camouflage is an explanation for the odd appearance of the wings. That might explain the texture and pattern, but not the inadequate structure. It also claims the body has been x-rayed, revealing hollow bones. It is easy to conclude even with hollow bones, an animal with this shape would be too heavy to fly with wings like those.”
says Stephen.


Saturday March 31st, 2007

Mummified Dead Fairy Photograph
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Updated April, 2007

    • Update: Yes it was a Hoax!, very clever and he’s even selling the fairy on ebay… It was created by a magician. Did you know Houdini was involved in the case of the Cottingley fairies, where the little girls took fairy photographs which were found to be a hoax some 50 years later…