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kylie ingold

My philosophy – “Unconditional Acceptance”

My Goal – “To be able to daily live my philosophy”


I have had a life and that life is reflected in my art.



Besides my obsession with painting I also love to play music. I have been playing in bands and duos since I was 18. My guitars are my babies. Especially my hand made cigar box guitar. I love delta blues. Me and my beautiful son Jay 30th November, 2013.




kylie_ingold_fairies A continuing Journey into the Imagination of Fairy and Fantasy Artist Kylie InGold Kylie has been painting Fairies, Angels and the Fantasy World for more than three decades; her fascination began as a little girl when the fairies at the bottom of the garden captured her imagination. The worlds showcased in her art have fascinated humans for centuries but are often lost in our contemporary hi-tech society, and her wish is that by viewing her art we are taken through a journey into our imaginations and that we remember our sometimes forgotten child within. A thread of creative magic weaves together the canvas images and transports us to a place where fantasy feels almost familiar. There are no boundaries in the fantasy world, it becomes as the imagination sees.


It is a wonderful place to be,

To view the world through the imagination of a child;

To enjoy the brilliance of a rainbow;

Dew on an exquisitely woven web;

A raindrop on a flower petal.

The Fairies (©Kylie InGold 1998)



Kylie’s Wide World of the Web Digital Fantasy Art Book fairies art ebook In 1999 Kylie created first fantasy art digital ebook available for download on the internet. It is still available for download. Click the picture below to download it if you’d like to have a look It is rather an old program, as the internet did not have broadband and most people only has 36kbs modems. This Fairies eBook last updated in 2002 Works on versions up to windows XP (May work on vista) It has been downloaded over 10,000 times from my websites. Listed on https://www.programfiles.com since 2002 Features Automatic installation and setup. When you download it, click the about box it has a really cool rainbow dynamic. Let it run.File size: 1742kb (about 30 second download with broadband) Please note: There is mild artistic nudity.




ePrint Digital Downloads In 2003 I launched the Fairystore with eprint digital downloads. I became concerned about the amount of paper and packaging and plastic which was required to send my prints around the world.


This was my logo. I thought it was a great idea. In 2003 the idea was just a little bit before its time. You can see some of it here on the webarchive https://web.archive.org/web/20040609134616/www.ingoldart.com/fairystore/


Did I self portrait to see if I could paint a realistic person. kylie2Self Portrait Oil & Acrylic on Canvas 1999