Sacred Faerie Beliefs

Faeries respect all living creatures.
Faeries respect the Mother Earth, walking lightly upon her, doing little to upset her intricate circle of life.
Faeries respect the Power (Great Spirit) which creates the galaxies, DNA, and Billions of terrestrial life forms.
Faeries respect the Law of Karma.
Faeries know that true MAGIK is LOVE.


The Five tenants of the Sacred Faeries


1. Equality of the Sexes is Acknowledged through timely rituals linked to the Sun and moon

2. The Earth is our mother and we must take care of her.
3. We are incarnating essences in an endless cycle of birth death and rebirth.

4. Majik is used for life affirming purposes only and must be in harmony with the laws of nature and the psyche.

5. Missionary tactics are taboo. Faeries are attracted to the call of the Sufi (and the rustling of taffetta) by Gay Spirit speaking to Gay Spirit.

Faeries hiss when they are happy
Faeries are blue when they are very good.
Faeries are mostly vegetarians, making love in their gardens.
Faeries commune regularly with the Delvic world and with plants and animals.

©Helen Keller of Troy