Fairy photograph

Fairy Photograph

Out in my garden, some years ago, I was taking photographs of cobwebs for reference material with my son Blake who was about 9 years old at the time. . I also wanted rainbows behind the cobwebs. So he held the hose in a sprinkling mist behind the cobwebs which made rainbows appear. I took a whole film roll just of cobwebs and rainbows, when the photographs came
back I noticed with amazement this little elf.

The photograph was taken with a standard SLR Camera, you know one with a film.

A little different to the fairies I imagine,

but more practical for hiding from mortal view…

So…….. can you see him???

I’ve showed the original photograph to many people, some spot him
immediately and get a surprise…..others don’t and just think its silly…

So you can see him? if not. Click here and I’ll show you where.!!!.