Bad Faeries


The Troll

Trolls are found in Northern Europe, in the countries of Norway, Finland, Russia, and Siberia. They are among the stupidist, ugliest, and smelliest creatures you could ever approach. Trolls usually are around one to one and a half meters tall, and are covered with greasy, black hair. They think that stealing, kidnapping, and killing small animals is great fun, and do it whenever they have the chance. Most animals can outsmart them, including the Gnome, but because of the Troll’s great strength and speed, an unsuspecting rabbit, or chipmunk can find itself in a very bad situation. Some reportings of Trolls stealing from Human houses have occurred over the years, but they mostly stick close to their caves where they feel more secure.


The Wurd Dog

These are animals of extreme power and if you actually catch a glimpse of one, the chances are you will not live to tell your story. We only have this pictures of one in black and white, because it was drawn from the few descriptions we have gathered from villagers in Hungary. The beast has the apperance of a Dog, but has the teeth and claws of a dragon. In some descriptions they are said to be spotted, and surrounded with orange flames. It’s only purpose seems to be that of killing anything in sight. Most descriptions came from small villages that have been attacked by the beast. If you ever visit Hungary, do not be alarmed, because only 2 of these beasts are known to exist. If you have any more information about this evil creature, please let me know so I can add it to this guide.

The Goblin

The Goblin is another filthy creature of death. They grow up to 30 cm. and are covered with a thick coat of black/grey hair. The Goblin is usually found wearing very dark colored cloths and a tall cap similar to that of the Gnome. The Goblin has been known to dig up graves, and scatter the bones all over the yard of country folk, scaring them to death. They usually do not kill Humans, but usually just do whatever they can to harass a household.

The Frog Demon

Like the Wurd Dog, this creature is a demon of the night. It is very rare, but also very dangerous. When it folds it’s huge wings behind it’s body, it looks very much like a giant bull frog, but if you try to run, it will unfold its huge wings and fly after you at speeds of 75 miles per hour. When it catches you, it will sink it’s huge talons into your flesh, and carry you off to it’s tree top nest. When it lies down in it’s nest, it looks like 4 small baby birds are waiting for their mothers to get back to feed them. This sight attracts many large birds of prey, but when the birds get to close, the Frog Demon leaps up from its hiding place and snatches it’s prey without any effort.
© Rob Weingeist