Online Fairy Art painting Tutorial

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Online step by step Art lesson/walk through
“How to paint a fairy”

I am a self taught artist so I break most of the formal
“art rules” These examples are just some of the ways
I may personally approach a painting.

I am presently working on a another tutorial the painting is being
done right now I will upload that within the next week. With a downloadable line drawing so you can follow along with us.

The Sturt pea Fairy.

The Potion Maker Fairy

Beginners and Intermediate Art Workshops
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From your first painting, you will then know you can paint.
Anyone can paint! Once you know some tricks!
After many years of working with children, youth, adults and retirees.
I have developed what I consider to be a unique methodology in teaching
art. I don’t expect you to teach your self how to paint, I give exacting step by step instructions that even a 5 year old can understand.

See my Student’s Examples
Children Page 1
Children Page 2

Finished Painting
Child Aged 5 years

Finished Rainforest Painting
This is the first painting ever for this student.